Mr Tomas Mörtsell represents Västerbotten located in North of Sweden, an Arctic Region pioneer in the green transition. Mr Mörtsell has strong experience working regionally and locally, as former Mayor of the municipality of Storuman for several years. As current President of the CPMR Baltic Sea Commission (BSC), a platform promoting regional cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region and gathering 19 Regional authorities, he also has experience in European cooperation,. The CPMR Baltic Sea Commission promotes regional cooperation in areas linked to transport, energy, maritime affairs and the Arctic. Mr Mörtsell has been leading the BSC Arctic Task Force that promotes continuous support to the green growth in the European Arctic, based on the unique know-how of its people and natural resources, as well as further investments in people and human capital. Further information about the BSC view on the EU Arctic policy can be found here. His portfolio also includes forestry issues.