Louis Papis CHEMNITZ

Louis Papis

Mr Chemnitz was born and raised in Nuuk, Greenland. He studied high school in the USA and Denmark, and volunteered for two years in Haifa, Israel. Currently he is studying study Social Sciences at Ilisimatusarfik, the University of Greenland. He is currently busy working for the advancement of material and spiritual civilization.

This involves raising the capacity in individuals of all ages, in the pursuit of a twofold moral purpose: attending to one’s own spiritual and intellectual growth and to contributing to the transformation of society. He is interested in attending the event to hear from and learn about different perspectives; learn about how Greenland is becoming more of a global agent; learn about the issues the Arctic is facing, how it can contribute to other parts of the world; what role indigenous people can play; what, in the Arctic, sustainable economic development with ecological sustainability can look like. He wishes to to be part of the challenges that the Arctic is facing, search for solutions to address them, and helping to raise awareness of the issues and the ways in which the Arctic can contribute to global sustainability.

He is passionate about empowering people and working for collaboration and using his knowledge and skills to create a better future. He believes that learing from different perspectives can help come together to create a more equitable, peaceful and united world.