Tero Mustonen leads the Landscape Rewilding Programme (www.landscaperewilding.org), the largest restoration programme on private lands in Finland under Snowchange Cooperative (www.snowchange.org). It is a northern NGO devoted to Indigenous and local community rights and knowledge. Mustonen served as the Lead Author for Europe and the Arctic under the IPCC AR6. Professionally he is a winter seiner and a geographer. He has worked over the past 20 years in Alaska, Canada, Greenland, Sámi areas, the Baltic and boreal Finland, Siberia, Australia, New Zealand and Continental USA on questions of biocultural landscapes, climate and biodiversity issues, Indigenous knowledge and rights and landscape-scale ecosystem restoration and protection. Mustonen is a Lead Author in many Arctic Council assessments since 2000. The unique combination of practicing professional winter fisheries with research has earned Mustonen and Snowchange several large global awards, including the St. Andrews Prize for the Environment and the Tällberg-SNF Global Leadership Prizes. The extensive fieldwork with the reindeer communities of Northeastern Siberia on impacts of permafrost melt and revitalization of nomadic schools was featured in the Science journal. With roots in North Karelia, Mustonen together with his wife Kaisu lives in the old-growth forest area of Selkie in North Karelia, Finland without running water.