Åsa Larsson Blind is vice-president of the Saami Council. She has been a member of the Saami Council since 2008 and elected President in the period 2017-2019. She was elected chair of the National Sámi Association in Sweden 2019-2021, where she also was a board member in 2007-2011. Larsson Blind was 2011-2015 the Saami Council board member of IPS, Arctic Council Indigenous Peoples Secretariat and served also in that period as the HoD for Saami Council at Arctic Council SAO meetings. Larsson Blind has a wealth of experience from working in Sámi organizations; board member at the Sámi Educational Center in Jokkmokk 2007-2009, and 2002-2007 board member of the Sámi Youth organization in Sweden, Sáminuorra. Larsson Blind lives in Övre Soppero in the Swedish part of Sápmi, is part of a reindeer herding family and holds an MSc in Human Resources Management and Development.