Minister for Fisheries and Hunting, Karl Tobiassen is 58 years old and comes from the village of Qaarsut near Uummannaq. He is married and has 3 children. Karl has been engaged in fishing and hunting since he was 14 years old and had fishing and hunting as his profession until he became a member of Inatsisartut in April 2021 as an alternate. In April 2022, he was appointed Naalakkersuisoq for Fisheries and Hunting. In addition to his profession as a fisherman and hunter, Karl has worked with local politics, where he was a member of the municipal council as well as village councils, sports, and associations. Before becoming Naalakkersuisoq, he was a member of the board of the Fishermen's and Hunters' Association in Kalaallit Nunaanni Aalisartut Piniarntullu Kattuffiat – also called KNAPK.